If you have a HOTMAIL e-mail address
please read the message below.

I could write from anything up to 20 different e-mail addresses to contact you. There are also several different domains I use.

SOMETIMES, but not always, these messages will go in your "Junk" folder (third one down on the  left hand side in your window. If you have never opened it it might be a good idea to empty it now and keep an eye on it in future, right click it and select empty, or open it and check it.)

If you see any e-mails from me (usually obvious by the heading) click on "add to contacts" towards the top of the message and just add the address to your contacts list under any name you want. THEN future messages to you from that address will go straight in your inbox.

The most common one I write from will be admin@tropicatruislip.co.uk so you could add this e-mail address to your contacts list now so at least that mail does not go in to your junk mail folder.

It is possible that any ticket acknowledgements will go in to your Inbox, but others from me go in to Junk....




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