Please note there are some special arrangements in place for this gig.

The price is £15 flat, which means that it is the same price booked or not but I do recommend you book as we will be letting those who have booked in first.

The band will be on stage from 9 p.m. SHARP (famous last words) and will play through to, by my estimation, 1.10 a.m. However, we have a late bar and music licence until 2 a.m. BUT the bar will probably close once the music has finished, you might JUST get another drink at the end if you are quick!

The doors will open to the music room at some point after 8 p.m., so you are advised to get in early if you want to try and get a seat.

There may well be strobe lighting used.

The set list is as follows:

Set One

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Welcome to the Machine
High Hopes
Dogs of War
In the Flesh
Another Brick in the Wall

Set Two

Careful with that Axe Eugene
One of These Days

Set Three

Dark Side of the Moon (Complete Album)
Louder Than Words
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell

PLUS, if time allows, there will be one extra “early” Floyd number.

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